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Pagan goddess or Christian saint, Brigid’s spirit lives on in Ireland today

The traditions of the feast of Brigid have been unchanged for what may well be thousands of years. This is despite all the social changes that have taken place in that time. Before Christianity came to Ireland, the people here had a long tradition of pagan … Continue reading

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My #50HappyThings 2016 for #BloggersUnite

Thanks to Dawn Quyle Landau for inviting me to take part in this much-needed exercise – to take time for gratitude and positivity. It felt at first like I would struggle to reach 50 in the allocated time, but in the end, … Continue reading

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From magic and dreamscapes to the desperate plight of the poor – No poet captured 19th century Ireland quite like William Allingham

He is best known for writing The Faeries but William Allingham’s influence was far-reaching and can still be felt today. The Allingham name is synonymous with the Donegal town of Ballyshannon and is celebrated for good reason. William Allingham was … Continue reading

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Italian Adventure Part 1 – Pisa

I have just returned from Italy where my four daughters and I spent the last week taking in the sights of Pisa, Pompei and Rome. Visiting Italy is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. It … Continue reading

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Grace Under Pressure …

This is my response to today’s prompt from the Daily Post. Today’s theme is Just Another Day Grace Under Pressure … I took the Christmas tree down today. Yes, I know it’s January 28 and it should have been out of … Continue reading

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It seems my Terry Pratchett collection is complete

Normally when I hear the words: ‘you have to read this, it’s hilarious’ I make a mental note to avoid whatever ‘this’ is like the plague. And so, naively, it was with Terry Pratchett for a while at least. But … Continue reading

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RIP Tony. Your legacy is a gift to the nation

The term ‘legend’ in not one I use very often to describe people but every now and then someone comes along who is thoroughly deserving of such a description. It wasn’t the fact that Tony Fenton’s voice has been a … Continue reading

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