Fine Art – a 100w story

I’ve been busy with work, family and a few other writing projects over the last few months but after reading a recent brave and honest post from Dawn at Tales From The Motherland, I realised how much I missed the interaction of the blog. On one hand, I like the solitude of writing but it can be quite isolating too, so its great to have a forum that helps us to stay connected.

So where better start back than in my favourite blog group – Friday Fictioneers.

The aim as always is to write a 100w story based on the weekly photo prompt. Details of how to get involved can be found at host Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s blog

This week’s photo comes courtesy of ©Sarah Potter and has the potential for some great stories which I look forward to reading.

All the contributions can be found by clicking on the blue frog.

FF20170922 Sarah Potter

Friday Fictioneers 22092017 copyright Sarah Potter

Fine Art

With retirement approaching, DI Duncan Morris re-opened his only unsolved case.

In 1988, researchers discovered that a painting bequeathed to the local church years earlier was worth millions.

It was subsequently stolen.

Duncan had followed footprints through the forest till they stopped dead at a pair of well-worn, men’s black shoes in a small clearing where trees were sparse. Nothing more was ever found.

Duncan sighed. Greeting a female officer, he noted how similar male and female uniforms had become. Even the boots …

Damn! They’d always assumed their thief was male. But weren’t there scandalous rumours about Fr Davies and a former Olympic gymnast?

©Siobhán McNamara

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48 Responses to Fine Art – a 100w story

  1. Iain Kelly says:

    My, my Father Davies! I think Duncan has finally picked up the right scent.


  2. Dear Siobhán

    It sounds like DI Duncan’s retirement won’t last long. Intriguing story that left me wanting more. Speaking of more, it’s nice to see you back. 😉




  3. neilmacdon says:

    welcome back Siobhan. and what a neat little cold case


  4. James says:

    An Olympic gymnast no less. My, my.


  5. Moon says:

    Great story .


  6. Time for a confession Fr Davies! Nice one.

    Click to read my FriFic!


  7. Sandra says:

    Father Davis has realised his pension fund, I suspect.


  8. pennygadd51 says:

    Strange, the little observations that can completely change your perspective.


  9. Alice Audrey says:

    Did she jump right out of her shoes? I want to read more.


  10. See how dangerous it is to make assumptions DI Morris. 🤔 Good tale so far. Now, did he get the stolen painting back?


  11. draliman says:

    Good old Father Davis! Um, I mean, the naughty chap 🙂 Hopefully now Duncan will end his career with all cases solved.


  12. What a neat story. This is my first introduction to your characters. I would like to read more.


  13. So glad you’re back Siobhan I’ve missed your stories!


  14. Fluid Phrase says:

    Looks like he will solve this one after all! Awesome story and great imagination.


  15. Rowena says:

    Well done. I loved the twists and turns in this one, Siobhan. Welcome back.
    xx Rowena


  16. plaridel says:

    well done, duncan. you can retire now in glory. 🙂


  17. Nice! Just when he thought it was unsolvable….. Love it. :o)


  18. granonine says:

    Ah, getting unstuck from a fruitless investigation must be very exciting 🙂


  19. PRETTY intriguing!
    Can’t trust anybody, even priests, eh!!!


  20. Ah, but is it too late? Has the trail gone cold?


  21. Varad says:

    This has potential to be woven into a longer tale. Don’t we all love the one unsolved mystery plaguing the detective towards the end of his career!


  22. Scandalous mystery…love it!


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