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Recolonisation – a 100w Story

My original idea for Friday Fictioneers turned into an 1800w short story which I had to keeping going with while it was flowing! (It’s here if anyone wants to read it) This is my second and significantly shorter attempt, a … Continue reading

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A Dying Breed – Short Story

Two men watched from the pub as disembarking cruise tourists were bussed away to the city. Johnnie Moran who owned the Port Tavern spoke first. “They were supposed to save the town, those big cruise ships,” he said nasally. “But … Continue reading

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Lady Luck – a 100w story

Thanks to J Hardy Carroll for the photo prompt and Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this weekly challenge. To join the fun and write a 100w story based on the prompt, click here To read other contributions, click on the Blue … Continue reading

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Peace In Our Time – a 100w story

Peace In Our Time Genre: (Recent) Historical Fiction What would they say, he wondered, those he had fought alongside through the dark and hopeless years? No doubt there would be comrades eager to execute him for treason. He knew too much about … Continue reading

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Grinding Halt – a 100w story

The picture prompt below for this week’s Friday Fictioneers 1oo-word story challenge comes courtesy of ©Jennifer Pendergast To find out more and join the fun, click here To read other responses to the prompt, click on the Blue Froggy Grinding Halt … Continue reading

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