Eye of the Beholder – a 100w story

This week’s photo prompt comes from Dale Rogerson.

The challenge is to write a fictional story in 100 words.

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Eye Of The Beholder

Mamma fussed over the wedding veil.

‘Oh child,’ she said. ‘I will miss you but my heart soars at the freedom you will have. The world will know your beautiful soul.’

Anna remembered these words as she wrote:

Dear Mamma,

I am very lucky. Rich people come to my husband’s gallery and pay the price of a house for my paintings.

Anna couldn’t tell Mamma she saw little of her new life through the narrow, netted slit. She asked her husband why she had to cover herself, here where women were free. He got so angry that afterwards she was glad her shameful, broken face was invisible.

©Siobhán McNamara

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42 Responses to Eye of the Beholder – a 100w story

  1. neilmacdon says:

    I can see how you may have got from the image to this grim story. I saw a head in it too, but didn’t follow that line of thought


  2. Graham Lawrence says:

    Oh dear. I wasn’t ready for that. I understand how the prompt moved you to write this. Well done.


  3. Oh my heart breaks for Anna!


  4. Sandra says:

    Such an intriguing take on the photo, and quite unnerving too! Very well done.


  5. Dear Siobhán,

    That such barbarism exists in the world is frightening and maddening You said so much in few words. The ending line stirred all kinds of emotion. Brava!




  6. Well told. Tragic and all too real.


  7. Alas the prisoners of women is universal… even a gilded cage is still a cage.


  8. michael1148humphris says:

    Great use of the prompt. It is so hard to understand the pressure put on women to wear a full face burka.


    • It really is difficult to understand. I got a serious shock when I met a woman here in Donegal in the north west of Ireland walking along with her husband and daughter. The woman was wearing a burka, the man a smart suit, talking business on his phone, and in between them a little girl skipping along without a care in the world. My blood ran cold at the thought of what the future would hold for the girl, and yet I had no idea of whether or not the woman was wearing the burka by choice.


  9. Iain Kelly says:

    Excellent take Siobhan, and topical too. Loved your writing here.


  10. Sightsnbytes says:

    it seems the both of us are thinking a little grim today. Nice story


  11. Dale says:

    So much for freedom… horribly topical!


  12. James says:

    Very grim. Poor woman.


  13. swarmsandbee says:

    Woah that caught me unaware and sideswiped me.


  14. I’m afraid you’ve nailed it all too well. It’s one sadness that she has to be so restricted, but so much worse when a simple question brings such abuse.


  15. Perfect writing this. The trapped image of the women came through beautifully.


  16. draliman says:

    Such a tragic and chilling story. Nicely written!


  17. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover says:

    Such a tragic tale that was well told.


  18. I hope her art brings her joy and strength. Let the caged bird sing.


  19. wmqcolby says:

    Oh, that ending was a kick. I liked the way you got the situation in hand, then knocked it out.

    Super story! 🙂


  20. Michael Wynn says:

    The ending was very hard to take, excellently written and perfectly delivered


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