National Poetry Writing Month Poem #2 – Like Stars

So this is poem number two for National Poetry Writing Month, only a day late. Hopefully I’ll get number three done later today so I’ll have caught up. The optional theme for Day 2 is ‘Stars.’

Again, and in the spirit of the challenge this was written today so is more the seed of a poem at this stage. Any thoughts on developing it would be appreciated.

Like Stars

Of the million lives that touch us
as we move through all our days
some are constants, the guiding lights
that tell us where we are.

Others blaze and then move on,
astral divas playing the earthbound crowd.

Then there are the once in a lifetime flashes,
those magical people who touch us so completely
that we are never quite the same.

And of course, those truly special ones
whose light we still can see
long after their life is done.

Like the stars those million lives
whether near to us or far,
are part of the fabric of our own.

Imagine living an artificial life
and never knowing the beauty
of those million precious stars.

©Siobhán McNamara

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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