A little bit of light for those who need it

©Siobhán McNamara

©Siobhán McNamara

I was editing this photo and thinking about writing a haiku to go with it, full of sentiment along the lines of one world, one moon etc. And then I was stopped in my tracks by a Newsnight preview of the documentary about the gang-rape and murder of an Indian medical student two years ago.

The preview included a clip of an interview with the bus driver who was charged and sentenced to death for his part in the crime. He said it was her own fault. He said rape was always the girl’s fault, that the young lady in question should not have been getting on to a bus at that time of night (9.30pm), should not have been out socialising with an unknown man, meaning a man who was not a close family member.

I know that my male friends reading this do not think like that, I know you don’t have to travel to societies with poor women’s rights to find this attitude and I know it is not confined to men.

In her brutal death Jyoti Singh became a light in the darkness for many Indian women. She gave them the courage to speak out, to come together in one voice. Change is slow at first but it gains momentum. Courage to those who seek change for the better, wherever they are in the world. Courage to those who break ranks to help rather than resist. Courage to those who speak up against such wrongs when their very words are considered a crime.

Wherever you are, however dark it is, look up. The moon shines through the night even if it is sometimes hidden by clouds. Xxxx

©Siobhán McNamara

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