Wheels of Fracking – A great idea from Lakelands Cycling Club in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland #tourismnotfracking


This cross-border cycling event and video was organised to show the currently unspoiled scenery of Fermanagh and Leitrim where plans are well under way for thousands of hydraulic fracturing wells and supporting compressor stations and storage ponds.

With Ireland being such a small country, there are fears that these plans for the northwest could have a devastating impact on tourism and farming, the only ways of making a living for many people, particularly in this area. There are also health concerns, mainly related to the potential for groundwater contamination.

The fracking companies would have us believe there is nothing to worry about and that fracking will  improve the local economy. Our politicians seem more interested in taking opposing views, simply to oppose those parties who they would oppose on any matter – this is particularly true for the counties on the Northern Ireland side of the border.

I would love to hear from those of you who live in places where fracking is already taking place. Are the concerns of people here in Ireland’s northwest valid?

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