A 100-word story – Item 401: Letter found among the brickwork during renovation of government buildings


Photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers 20 June 2014 ©Mary Shipman

Below is this week’s 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers.

The photo prompt is courtesy of ©Mary Shipman

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Genre: Fiction


Item 401: Letter found among the brickwork during renovation of government buildings 

Dear Friend



Dear friend,
Writing this letter is surely my last act but I must warn everyone.
Our new leader has terrible plans.
I overheard him while I was cleaning the office next to his. I left as quietly as I could but there was a guard outside his door and my efforts to appear hard of hearing were pitiful.
I fear for this country. I fear for all countries. Most of all I fear for my own kind. Never have I heard such raw hatred in a man’s voice.
I hear their footsteps on the stairs.
God save us all.
Yours si

©Siobhan McNamara

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34 Responses to A 100-word story – Item 401: Letter found among the brickwork during renovation of government buildings

  1. Sandra says:

    Very dramatically constructed. Well done.


  2. As Sandra said, well done.


  3. Beware! This is a good cliffhanger story.


  4. Ouch.. I just hope the letter is not being written as we speak..


  5. Whew, this one jolted my heart rate. Awesome tension building and such a powerful voice. Brrr that gave me chills! 🙂


  6. Really different. Well done.


  7. Horus says:

    Wonder whats gonna hit all of us – 🙂


  8. JKBradley says:

    Great tension!


  9. Oh dear, the ending says it all. Good story, Siobhan, presented creatively.


  10. draliman says:

    Tantalising! I wonder what this poor chap discovered, and if the person who found the letter will investigate?
    I love the letter-format of this – very clever.


    • Thanks draliman 🙂
      I have my own ideas about the answers to those questions, but I decided to leave it as open to the reader as possible, especially as Friday Fictioneers has such an international range of contributors and readers


  11. Siobhan, Great story creatively done. I could just see the poor person writing it. He/she must have survived long enough to stick it into the crevice. Because of the usage of words and beautiful script, I would imagine it was either sometime at the beginning of the 20th Century or before. Also, the building was being renovated, so it was an old building. Well written. I agree that it would be a great beginning for a longer story. 🙂 —Susan


  12. elappleby says:

    I love it when people try out different ways of bringing us their 100 word stories and this one was a winner. The cut off before finishing was nicely done too. Great stuff.


  13. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Siobhan, Wow, what a neat idea to write a letter! Fantastic idea! Very well done and entertaining. I wonder what was happening? Awesome and thanks! Nan 🙂


  14. Siobhan, Out. Of. The. Park! This is so creative, fun and well done! I could feel the anxiety and tension mount, and then the name trailing off… wonderful! The format is so original for FF… Brilliant!


  15. subroto says:

    Intriguing! The narrator discovered when writing a last warning letter. Great ending.


  16. Dear Siobhán,

    Your use of the letter form is quite effective. Wonderfully tense and dramatic.




  17. Great approach. I just hope that leader has been superseded by someone less evil.


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