Killing a Best Friend – Velvet Verbosity #378

This is my 100-word story for Velvet Verbosity #378.  The theme for this week is ‘Beard.’

Killing a Best Friend

His friend the barber stood at Sam’s shoulder, a cut-throat razor in hand. He had suggested alternative methods, but Sam insisted on the old-fashioned blade.

He did not fear death and therefore did not fear the cancer.

But his beard. Who would he be without it?

It was a good beard, big and bold and black in his outspoken youth; peppered with grey as he mellowed into middle age; white and scholarly as he addressed students at the university where he himself had come searching for wisdom, years earlier.

‘Ready?’ asked the barber, applying the shaving foam.

‘Yes,’ lied Sam.


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2 Responses to Killing a Best Friend – Velvet Verbosity #378

  1. sandraconner says:

    Oh, my, the simplicity of the setting and the language exacerbates the horror of the plot itself. Very well done.


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