No Place to Hide

My contribution to the 100-word story group Friday Fictioneers this week is a continuation of Kristina’s story from a few week’s back. If you missed it or want a reminder you can catch up here –

Part 1: Shattered

Part 2: “I saw what you did.”

The prompt for this week is the photo below by ©DLovering


Friday Fictioneers prompt for 12/04/2014 ©DLovering


No Place to Hide

Kristina had never felt so conspicuous. She was pale as milk beside the black-haired locals with their tanned skin and bright, traditional clothes.

The Euros in the stolen wallet had helped her travel right across Europe, train-ride by train-ride. As she passed through each country, Kristina considered going to the US embassy. But she couldn’t betray her father. And what if they didn’t believe her and sent her home?

She turned away instinctively when the Policia drove pastWould her father have dared to report her as missing, knowing that she knew about the American?

‘Señorita,’ the café boss said impatiently. ‘To work, please. El Festival will soon begin.’

©Siobhan McNamara

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34 Responses to No Place to Hide

  1. Go, Kristina. This is a good continuation of her story.


  2. Nice continuation, Siobhan. It’s amazing how this has taken such form, in only 200 words! You’ve done a great job of bringing the characters and scene to life.


  3. plaridel says:

    just wondering if all the money was gone and she had to work now to survive. if that was the case, she might really be running out place to hide.


  4. Vee dC says:

    The plot thickens! I’m enjoying the twists.


  5. Hala J. says:

    An absorbing story! Hope this continues!


  6. This is getting curiouser and curiouser….


  7. Sounds like she is absorbing into foreign soil–


  8. Dear Siobhán,





  9. i wasn’t paying attention and blew by your intro, so I didn’t realize that was a continuation, but other than not knowing who the American was, I thought you did a good job of getting across her feelings. Maybe I’d better have some tea to jump-start my brain. 🙂



  10. themasculinepen says:

    Loved it and the mystery which is yet to come!


  11. Well, her boss has no suspicions so there may well be a sequel.


  12. Good continuation and also stood alone well. We’ll be waiting for the next story. Well written


  13. atrm61 says:

    Am curious to learn more-Kristina is surely in trouble now that she is out of money and has to work.Enjoyed this continuation Siobhan 🙂


  14. Nan Falkner says:

    This is a really good, different take on the prompt and I like it. You have a wonderful suspenseful mind! Thanks! Nan 🙂


  15. rgayer55 says:

    I didn’t realize it was a continuation either until I read the comments. I think it works as a stand alone, leaving just enough questions in the reader’s mind to have them begging for more.


  16. Good style writing there.


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