April A to Z: A haiku a day for 26 days

Today’s letter in the challenge is G, so I have chosen Gates.

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Open gates to paths
that lead you forward and close
those that pull you back

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11 Responses to April A to Z: A haiku a day for 26 days

  1. andy1076 says:

    Beautiful photos and perfect Haiku.. 🙂


  2. shail says:

    That’s telling it 🙂 Lovely, both words and pictures.


  3. Vee dC says:

    I echo everyone’s sentiments! I especially love the haiku. 🙂


  4. Your A to Z Challenge theme is very interesting (and unique). I’ll be following….Good luck with the A to Z Challenge. This is my first year.


  5. Erin Penn says:

    Captures the essence well. (Erin Penn – a-to-z participant)


  6. Visiting in the A to Z. I really like your theme of haikus with photos, that’s a great combination. I hope you’re enjoying the challenge!


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