April A to Z: A haiku a day for 26 days

Today’s letter in the April A to Z Challenge is C and I have chosen C for Cherry Blossom. These beautiful trees are beginning to bloom as the air and light soften with the milder weather. For more information on the April A to Z Challenge or to see other contributions, click here. I have chose to write haiku with an accompanying photograph, but everyone as their own take on the challenge.

cherry blossom

Picture and verse by ©Siobhán McNamara

Cherry blossom pink
princess of spring in Japan
and in my garden


I am also including a link to this lovely song Dance of the Cherry Trees by Irish singer-songwriter John Spillane

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7 Responses to April A to Z: A haiku a day for 26 days

  1. Such a lovely haiku and pic to go with it. The song is new for me. I like it!


  2. fictionrulz says:

    Beautiful photo and poem. Happy A to Z
    Gladiator’s Pen


  3. amanda lee says:

    Thanks for the lovely haiku and the song! Just last week my husband and I were driving and turned down a street lined with cherry trees — we paused in our conversation to take in the beauty of the moment. Visiting from A to Z. http://houserevivals.blogspot.com/


  4. colorfulpen says:

    What a beautiful haiku and photo. I liked the song! I’m totally fascinated by all things Irish.


  5. shail says:

    I love this one.


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