April A-Z: A haiku a day for 26 days

Today’s letter in the April A to Z Challenge is B, so I am going for Blue as it is the colour for World Autism Awareness Day (April 2). It is also one year since the death of my mother who worked closely with children with special needs, including autism.


Lough Eske, Donegal, Ireland.  Picture and verse by ©Siobhán McNamara


Blue is the colour
for World Autism Day and for
the day we lost you

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8 Responses to April A-Z: A haiku a day for 26 days

  1. Hugs to you, Siobhan. Your haiku is a lovely remembrance of your mother.


  2. Gene'O says:

    That is a lovely haiku.

    My mom was a teacher and worked with special needs children for most of her career.

    I love your idea for the challenge.


  3. Vee dC says:

    I love how this picture is not completely blue, though. The golden brown of the tree gives me hope in spite of the sadness. Same w/ the haiku.


    • Thank you, I was going to go with just a blue square, but I had a browse through my photos and this one seemed right. It was taken near my home and is a scene I have captured in all seasons and in many moods, with no two pictures the same.


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