Free AJ

Press freedom is taken for granted in most countries but it is denied in too many places. It is a basic right for people to have access to accurate, responsible news and for journalists to carry out their role of reporting without fear of imprisonment from authorities.

I am proud to be a journalist and fortunate to live and work in a country which recognises the role of a free press. It is difficult to imagine men and women doing the same job while fearing for their lives, their freedom and the safety of their loved ones.

A Global Action Day is being held today, February 27 in support of journalists imprisoned in Egypt.

Protests are taking place in many countries across the world in response to this denial of people’s right to know what is happening.

To show your support, please post or tweet some or all of the following hashtags: #FREEAJSTAFF #journalismisnotacrime #journalismisnotterrorism

Thank you,

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