Some dystopian haiku

Came across a themed haiku contest and though I didn’t enter, the theme stuck with me and played on my mind. So based on the idea of  cities in a dystopian future, here are five interlinked haiku:

A building towers
Nuclear-proof above the dust
Council sits within

A multi-storey
city of lead-lined burrows
Down, down, deeper down

The old opulence
means nothing to those who have
never seen the sun

Two cockroaches fight
to the death there is nothing
above ground to eat

In my day the sky
was blue  Granddad what is sky
some day I’ll tell you.

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5 Responses to Some dystopian haiku

  1. The old opulence stanza is my favorite. I really like this.


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  4. I am teaching a college level course on using photoshop and would like to have the students illustrate your distopian haiku’s as a project. They would give you credit as the author and the work would not be sold. Only used for instructional purposes. Your haiku are so vivid and wonderfully evocative I would appreciate your permission. Thank you! Michelle


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